For Vladimir Putin, the Cold War did not end – it has continued to this day. Only the tools used to achieve his goals – racism, violence, insurrection, cyberattacks, inflation, and isolationism – have changed.

Where is the proof? The proof can be found in Elizabeth Graham’s stunning new nonfiction book, Democrazy.

Elizabeth Graham had a Top Secret security clearance at the age of 16. She worked for an international corporation for 12 years, began to travel to the Soviet Union, and then became one of the very few Americans to move to Russia. She lived under Communism in the Soviet Union, then Russia, and Central Asia long enough to become bi-cultural – she became Russian. She lived in a Russian apartment, shopped in the open markets, and over time became just another Russian on the streets of Moscow.

When you first read Democrazy, you might think you have found yourself in the middle of a John Grisham novel, or a movie like The Manchurian Candidate. This story line however, is true.

Democrazy clearly defines how Trump was probably groomed and caught in a typical Russian spy trap, and then used by Putin to attempt to destroy the US, and how the resulting American isolationism has hurt the US and prevented the majority of our citizens to fully understand what is happening and why.


A WARNING TO ALL U.S. CITIZENS. Find out how Donald J. Trump used a dictator’s playbook in his efforts to turn our democracy into a totalitarian country – led by one man. This book explains why our democracy is still not safe.

Trump sold his soul – and our country – to the devil when he did business with or borrowed money from a long list of ruthless Russian business men – who ALL work for Putin. It “appears” that his desperate need for money, his apparent constant lust for beautiful women, or his massive ignorance about business with Russians probably resulted in a very typical Russian spy trap. Trump was probably hooked and blackmailed - therefore he created the “big lie”, perhaps used a group called Psy-Group to secretly social market this disinformation, and then instigated an attack on our Capitol in an attempt to overthrow the 2020 election. He was desperate. The presidency and control of our democracy was potentially his one and only safety net.

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The book’s real value lies in Graham’s personal story, not only as an expert on Russian society, but as “a . . . White grandmother” and former Republican who finally came to terms with America’s history of discrimination. Graham’s astute commentary is also accompanied by an entertaining and informative assortment of political cartoons, graphs, and charts.

A well-researched, expert guide to authoritarian regimes and the fragility of democracy in America.

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